Immigrant Justice Network Calls on Next Administration to Forge a New Way Forward Toward Dignity and Justice


In response to the 2020 election results, the Immigrant Justice Network (IJN) released the following statement: 

With a new administration officially set to take office in January 2021, we acknowledge the opportunity for our country to build and move forward. 

From the uprisings for Black lives to the contentious election, this year has reminded us that the fight against white supremacy, structural racism, and criminalization in this country has a long way to go. To begin to transform our country, the next administration cannot simply restore the status quo that existed before Trump was elected.

As organizers and advocates, we know that this is the time to build support for demands that push beyond what we have been told to accept by those in power—demands that value and uphold the dignity of all Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

We will continue to combat the widespread policing and incarceration that criminalizes Black and brown people by design. We will continue to work with our leaders and partners who have been organizing from within detention and outside to defend their lives. 

Together, through true solidarity and organizing, we are committed to  building a world where every person that comes to this country has their humanity recognized and is treated with fairness and justice. We call on the next administration to work in collaboration with grassroots organizations and community leaders to take bold, concrete actions to help create that world. 


The Immigrant Justice Network is a partnership of the Immigrant Defense Project, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, Just Futures Law, and the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild (NIPNLG).

The Immigrant Justice Network is a leading advocacy voice against the criminalization of immigrants in the United States. Grounded in racial justice values, we build power to defend the dignity of all immigrants.