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    The Immigrant Justice Network is a leading advocacy voice against the criminalization of immigrants in the United States.

  • Fairness & Justice for Immigrants

    IJN fights for a world where our communities are thriving & free from policing, deportation, & imprisonment.

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Building Power to Defend the <strong>Dignity of All Immigrants</strong>

Building Power to Defend the Dignity of All Immigrants

Fighting for <strong>thriving and free immigrant communities</strong>

Fighting for thriving and free immigrant communities

<strong>A leading voice </strong>against criminalizing immigrants

A leading voice against criminalizing immigrants

Fairness & Justice for Immigrants

The Immigrant Justice Network, along with a coalition of grassroots and national organizations, demands that Congress take legislative action to disentangle the criminal legal and immigration systems that propagate mass incarceration and mass deportation, paving a New Way Forward for immigrant justice.

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We create resources for community-based organizations, defenders, immigrant rights and criminal justice reform advocates, and individuals fighting mass detention and deportation. Check out some of our materials below. If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to contact us.

Platform for Immigrant Justice

The Immigrant Justice Network (IJN) and our partner organizations call on President Biden to take strong action on behalf of all immigrants. Immigration policies cannot rely on outcomes from a criminal legal system that is fundamentally unjust, racialized, and built to target Black and Brown people.

A Second Chance for All

 Nearly one in three adults in America has a criminal record. Even after being released from prison or jail, formerly incarcerated people continue to face lifelong effects of their imprisonment, including barriers to employment, education, housing, public assistance, and other necessary resources to reenter society. Black people and other communities of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and […]

“How Did We Get Here?” Video Series

The immigration and criminal legal system have worked together to target, incarcerate, and deport thousands of immigrants every year. But how did we get here? How has the United States been able to create the largest immigration detention system in the world? Criminalizing Migration For decades, the laws that make migration a criminal offense have […]

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The Immigrant Justice Network is a leading advocacy voice against the criminalization of immigrants in the United States. Grounded in racial justice values, we build power to defend the dignity of all immigrants.