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    The Immigrant Justice Network is a leading advocacy voice against the criminalization of immigrants in the United States.

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    IJN fights for a world where our communities are thriving & free from policing, deportation, & imprisonment.

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Building Power to Defend the <strong>Dignity of All Immigrants</strong>

Building Power to Defend the Dignity of All Immigrants

Fighting for <strong>thriving and free immigrant communities</strong>

Fighting for thriving and free immigrant communities

<strong>A leading voice </strong>against criminalizing immigrants

A leading voice against criminalizing immigrants

Fairness & Justice for Immigrants

The Immigrant Justice Network, along with a coalition of grassroots and national organizations, demands that Congress take legislative action to disentangle the criminal legal and immigration systems that propagate mass incarceration and mass deportation, paving a New Way Forward for immigrant justice.

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We create resources for community-based organizations, defenders, immigrant rights and criminal justice reform advocates, and individuals fighting mass detention and deportation. Check out some of our materials below. If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to contact us.

DHS Deportation Priorities Memo Explainer

On September 30, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a memo on the Biden administration’s “deportation priorities” – listing categories of people who will be targeted for arrest, detention, and deportation. This Memo will go into effect on November 29, 2021 and will replace the prior memos issued by the Biden administration on its […]

New Way Forward Backgrounder

Harsh immigration laws disproportionately lead to the targeting, jailing, and destruction of families of color. Anti-immigrant laws passed in 1996 drove mass incarceration and mass deportation of people of color. A harmful law passed by a white supremacist Senator in 1929 has also enabled significant abuses in recent years, from “assembly-line” hearings of shackled people, […]

New Way Forward: Messaging in the Moment

In the midst of a global pandemic, immigrants in the United States are locked in immigration detention centers, where they face escalating exposure to COVID-19 in inhumane conditions. The New Way Forward Act (HR 5383) is a powerful step towards dismantling our abusive immigration system.

We Keep Us Safe: Tips for Immigrant Protestors and Jail Support

10 Things to Know for Immigrant Protestors & Jail Support

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