In the late 1990’s,  the Immigrant Justice Network (IJN) along with grassroots and DC partners began a national conversation about the mass incarceration of immigrants in the US, grounded in the values of justice, human dignity and due process for people of color, and launched the #Fix96 campaign.

#Fix96 was a call to challenge the two immigration laws signed during the Clinton administration in 1996–the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA) and the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA). These laws further entrenched mass incarceration and laid the blueprint for the deportation machine we face today.

Although the #Fix96 campaign was supported by grassroots organizations across the country, elected officials on both sides have continued to focus on smaller, exclusive immigration reform and have failed to address the mass criminalization and enforcement enabled by the 1996 bills. 

After decades of work, the IJN understands that we need more than reform for these bills, we need to completely dismantle them. In a new effort with DC advocates and grassroots groups across the country, our campaign uplifts a New Way Forward, rooted in the people that have been and are directly impacted.

We are proud to launch A New Way Forward Campaign!

Our Demands

The IJN has reinvigorated its efforts to not only make the conversation visible, but to demand Congress take legislative action and repeal the worst provision of these bills, including: 

  • End mandatory immigration detention, a necessary step to ending mass incarceration of communities of color, including immigrants.
  • End automatic deportation for people who have had contact with the criminal legal system and end summary deportation proceedings.
  • End the practices of local police engaging in immigration enforcement and the increased over-policing of communities of color.
  • End laws and policies that create automatic pipelines to deportation through the criminal legal system by removing distorted legal labels in our immigration laws.
  • Decriminalize migration by repealing illegal entry and reentry laws.

Get Involved – Take Action with Us!

  • More than 240 groups in a letter demanding Congress to repeal the worst provisions from the 1996 immigration laws. Check out the letter here.
  • On July 24, 2019, actress and activist Diane Guerrero (@DianeGuerrero_) and community organizer and storyteller Alejandra Pablos (@AleLaPlebe) joined immigrant rights & criminal justice leaders to discuss the draconian 1996 immigration laws and what it’ll take to create a #newwayforward. If you missed the convo, you can check it out here.
  • Join our national call for Congress to introduce legislation to repeal harmful 1996 immigration laws. Tell your member of Congress that you agree with @dianeguerrero__  -the 1996 laws to be repealed. We need a #NewWayForward.