Good News! Goodlatte & Ryan Bills Were Defeated

UPDATE: Good news! The Goodlatte & Ryan bills were defeated. We need to keep up the pressure to end the criminalization of immigrants and keep families together.


​Oppose Anti-Immigrant Criminalization #PoisonBills in the House

What You Need to Know about the Goodlatte & Ryan Bills

TODAY, Trump’s cronies in Congress plan to put 2 anti-immigrant criminalization bills up for votes:

  1. Representative Goodlatte’s “The Securing America’s Future Act (HR 4760)”
  2. House Speaker Paul Ryan’s ‘‘The Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2018”

These bills do NOT end family separation and they are NOT solutions for individuals with DACA. Goodlatte’s bill is an anti-immigrant enforcement-only bill that will expand detention and deportation on a massive scale. Ryan’s bill offers false promises to end family separation by only proposing family prison camps as a solution to the current Trump-created crisis.  We cannot let Trump hold the immigrant community hostage to a crisis that he manufactured. It is completely within his power to end his policies of family separation.

These proposals, developed by nativist hardliners like Stephen Miller, are anti-immigrant and would exponentially harshen immigration enforcement – which already tears families and communities apart. Both of these bills promote Trump’s racist immigration policies in four ways:  

  1. eliminate pathways to gain immigration status, like the diversity visa and family immigration
  2. further militarize the border
  3. attack sanctuary jurisdictions
  4. vastly expand laws that criminalize immigrants and lead to automatic detention and deportation

Under the new enforcement provisions in these bills:

  • Local sanctuary policies won through community organizing, including detainer policies in sanctuary jurisdictions would be in jeopardy;
  • Mandatory no-bond detention, sometimes including indefinite detention, would be applied to almost all immigrants while they fight their cases;
  • Sentences for migration crimes, like illegal re-entry would be even harsher;
  • More conduct would count as migration crimes without any consideration of why individuals are migrating;
  • Dozens of more criminalization-related deportation grounds for people, such as gang-label deportation grounds, would be law. Also, there would be more aggravated felonies and other deportation grounds that will trigger mandatory detention and deportation;
  • Border communities would face far greater militarized surveillance and a more militarized border force;​
  • Under the Goodlatte bill, the notorious 287(g) program that deputizes police as ICE agents and has been shown to increase racial profiling would be expanded.

Will These Bills Pass?

Although these proposals were rejected by most Democrats and many Republicans earlier this year in the Senate, members of Congress continue to introduce new versions for passage. But if the House passes a bill that Trump agrees to sign, there will be tremendous pressure on the Senate to act. We need more organizations and people to oppose these bills.

Take Action!

1) SHARE our memes widely with your social media networks and tweet them at your Representative.

2) CALL or TWEET your Representative TODAY and tell them to oppose these #poisonbills

  • Call Speaker Ryan at 202-225-0600
  • Call 202-225-3121 for the Congress Switchboard and ask to speak with your representative.
  • Visit to find Twitter information for your Representative. Representatives are listed in alphabetical order by state.

Sample script: 
My name is —–, and I live in …… I am calling because I believe that the Ryan and Goodlatte bills are anti-immigrant. These bills will result in communities of color, across the board, targeted for immigration enforcement, subject more individuals to mandatory detention and others to indefinite detention and further criminalize immigrants – who are essential to our country’s neighborhoods, schools,  communities, workplaces and society.

I oppose HR 4760 and the Ryan immigration bill. I urge you to vote against these bills.

For More Information

For more information, please visit IJN and partners’ voter recommendation with more background on both bills. You can see our updated voter recommendation on just the Ryan bill here.

The Immigrant Justice Network (IJN) is a collaborative formed in 2006 between the Immigrant Defense Project (IDP), the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), and the National Immigration Project(NIP/NLG) to work towards the elimination of unjust penalties for immigrants entangled in the criminal justice system and to end the criminalization of immigrant communities.  

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