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Immigrants Speak Out: Day of Resistance Against Criminalization and Anti-Immigrant Bills

It is critical that Congress understand how our immigration laws criminalize immigrants and harm families and communities, in the face of an Administration perversely invested in turning the power of a deeply flawed criminal justice system against immigrants. The ramp-up of federal prosecutions for illegal entry and reentry, biased gang labeling, and deportations resulting from over policing are just some of the ways our harsh immigration laws combined with the Trump administration’s policies have led us to the crisis of branding people as “criminal aliens” to justify mass incarceration and deportation. We need solutions.

The Immigrant Justice Network (IJN) are specialists in the complex area of immigration consequences of criminal convictions but IJN believes that those directly impacted and criminalized are the policy experts to whom Congress should be listening. The people here today are leaders, community members, and family members fighting for themselves, their loved ones and for better policies that call for resisting and repealing anti-immigrant laws that criminalize our communities and investments into their future.

Today, they make the following demands on behalf themselves, their families, and their communities:

  • Support the cases of individuals and families from “Immigrants Speak Out” Day: Families have raised particular demands from advocacy support on their individual cases to policy demands. Without Congressional support, the devastating impact on families will continue.
  • Resist upcoming criminalization bills: Our people are not disposable and no one should pay the price of additional detention or enforcement as a tradeoff for any legalization proposal, DACA or TPS. (Please see the fact sheet on the newest attack by Rep. McCarthy and other harsh anti-immigrant bills that will make new deportation grounds and funnel more people into the criminal justice system and to permanent exile.)
  • Support the IJN policy platform that seeks to invest in proposals that reduce criminalization, incarceration and deportation. (www.immigrantjusticenetwork.org)

Join the Immigrants Speak Out Social Media Campaign!

Join us in telling congress that you too demand justice for ALL immigrants and oppose #PoisonBills that would further criminalize immigrant communities. Take a stand by sharing a photo of yourself and/or your organization with one of the printable cards below. Then share it on social media with the hashtags #PoisonBills and #DefundHate. Make sure to link to this page for more information!

Download the Immigrants Speak Out Social Media Kit here!

For more information, contact:

Paromita Shah
Associate Dir., National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild
617-227-9727 x1

Sameera Hafiz
Senior Policy Strategist, Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Alisa Wellek
Executive Director, Immigrant Defense Project

The organizations within the Immigrant Justice Network have worked for decades to provide legal, technical, communications and messaging support to immigrant communities, legal practitioners, and all advocates seeking to overhaul federal immigration law and national, state, and local policies that deny immigrants due process and other constitutional rights.

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